Sport bikes

Motorcycles optimized and designed for cornering, braking, acceleration, high speed, rapid road and race track riding. They tend to have fairings and windscreens designed to slipstream at high speeds, foot-pegs mounted higher and further back for a tucked in riding position and cornering lean angles. Clip on handlebars designed to put more rider weight on […]

Naked bikes

Naked bikes or roadsters, standard, UJM are what most people think of when they think motorcycle. Visible engines, upright riding position, mid mounted controls, flat or slightly upright bars, small or no screen. They are the swiss knives of motorcycling. There are low priced bikes designed for the commuting masses and offering low fuel consumption, […]


Touring bikes are designed to help you cover long distances in comfort, one or two up. They typically have big engines tuned for torque big screens, fairings, panniers, top boxes, large fuel tanks, comfortable seats, and are often loaded with all the latest electricary and creature comfort. Within the touring category you’ll find full tourers […]


Retro motorcycles are modern bikes designed to perform to modern standards but with looks that mimic older motorcycles, particularly design themes from British motorcycles of the 50s and 60s and Japanese and Italian motorcycles of the 70s. Many riders find the appeal of bikes that harp back to their childhoods irresistible but don’t want to […]

Adventure Bikes

Also known as dual purpose, dual road, all road. As the name suggests these are bikes that do not excel at either role but are more than competent in all roles. You can tour one or two up on asphalt and graded gravel and even venture out to gnarly trails, commute to work or follow […]

Cruisers choppers and bobbers

Cruisers are motorcycles in the style of American machines from the 30s to 60s, particularly Harley-Davidsons and Indians. There are several prevailing themes like choppers with raked skinny front ends, bobbers with a hardtail look and spring saddles, dragsters lowered long with fat rear tyres and more. At Skinny’s garage we have 2 mechanics who […]

How to change oil and oil filter on a motorcycle

Do you need to change the oil? There are a few ways to tell when the engine oil in your motorcycle needs replacing: Check the oil level using the dipstick or the oil level window (if your motorcycle has one). If the oil level is low, it may be time to add more oil or […]

Motorcycle visual inspection

Here are some key points to consider when conducting a visual inspection of a motorcycle: Stand the motorcycle on a level surface and engage the side-stand or centre-stand (if equipped) to keep it stable. Inspect the frame and bodywork for any signs of damage, corrosion, or wear. Check the wheels for any signs of damage, […]

How to replace rear sprocket on a motorcycle

Shift the motorcycle into the highest gear to take the tension off the chain Loosen and remove the rear axle nut and the chain adjusters. Carefully remove the old sprocket from the rear wheel. Clean the rear wheel hub and the area around the sprocket carefully. Install the new sprocket onto the rear wheel hub, […]

Motorcycle Toy Runs

The association between motorcyclists and Christmas toy charities is decades old. Over time efforts to organise these “toy runs” have become more centralised and then decentralised again. Its seems like we are in a decentralised era, for those wanting to participate it means that while there is no big central event there are more options […]

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