How to change oil and oil filter on a motorcycle

Do you need to change the oil? There are a few ways to tell when the engine oil in your motorcycle needs replacing: Check the oil level using the dipstick or the oil level window (if your motorcycle has one). If the oil level is low, it may be time to add more oil or […]

Motorcycle visual inspection

Here are some key points to consider when conducting a visual inspection of a motorcycle: Stand the motorcycle on a level surface and engage the side-stand or centre-stand (if equipped) to keep it stable. Inspect the frame and bodywork for any signs of damage, corrosion, or wear. Check the wheels for any signs of damage, […]

How to replace rear sprocket on a motorcycle

Shift the motorcycle into the highest gear to take the tension off the chain Loosen and remove the rear axle nut and the chain adjusters. Carefully remove the old sprocket from the rear wheel. Clean the rear wheel hub and the area around the sprocket carefully. Install the new sprocket onto the rear wheel hub, […]

Locked Gates

Something that is inevitable when adventure riding is the all dreaded locked gate. Depending on an individual’s style of adventure riding, it will depend on how likely the chance of coming across this challenge, for different trips and people it can mean different things and this became all to clear in my last solo adventure […]

Kawasaki H2 a Yōkai Bike

There is a Japanese word ‘Yōkai’ which describes the supernatural. Something that has only ever been dreamed about. Tried and failed. If anyone could do it, Kawasaki could and have. I haven’t been in the motorcycle industry for long. But I have been lucky enough to witness the production of an astounding machine, the 2015 […]

Motorcycle Toy Runs

The association between motorcyclists and Christmas toy charities is decades old. Over time efforts to organise these “toy runs” have become more centralised and then decentralised again. Its seems like we are in a decentralised era, for those wanting to participate it means that while there is no big central event there are more options […]

Travel by motorcycle this Xmas

Motorcycle travel doesn’t need to cost the earth even during Christmas especially in Australia where the weather is warm. Here is a tip from our combined 50 years of motorcycle travel experience: Accommodation is your biggest ongoing expense Especially in these post covid days where there isn’t a motel room anywhere to be had for […]

Fumes: Xmas break 2022

Here at Skinny’s Garage we are constantly looking for ways to improve your customer experience. This year our workshop will close end of day Friday the 23/12/22 and reopen on Tuesday the 3/1/23.  However we have appointed an on-duty mechanic who will be on call and available to answer your questions and work on your […]

Here at Skinny’s Garage we are constantly

Here at Skinny’s Garage we are constantly looking for ways to improve your customer experience. You have always been welcomed to use our upstairs waiting lounge, relax on the sofa, have a snack at the coffee table or sit on the bar and watch as your bike is being serviced. From August 2022 we are […]

Tk’s tech tips

Hi there, they’ve asked me to do a tech tips column but given that my usual method of communication consists of 60% sarcasm, 38% swearing and 2% coherent discussion, I suppose I had better be careful. With that in mind, let’s begin! What should I write about??? 1 hour later… I had an article all […]

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