Whether you’re looking for your first or your next bike we’ve got a huge range of Used Bikes available at our garage.
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Sport bikes

Motorcycles optimized and designed for cornering, braking, acceleration, high speed, rapid road and race track riding. They tend to have fairings and windscreens designed to

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Naked bikes

Naked bikes or roadsters, standard, UJM are what most people think of when they think motorcycle. Visible engines, upright riding position, mid mounted controls, flat

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Touring bikes are designed to help you cover long distances in comfort, one or two up. They typically have big engines tuned for torque big

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Retro motorcycles are modern bikes designed to perform to modern standards but with looks that mimic older motorcycles, particularly design themes from British motorcycles of

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Adventure Bikes

Also known as dual purpose, dual road, all road. As the name suggests these are bikes that do not excel at either role but are

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At Skinny’s Garage we purchase and resell a select number of pre owned bikes carefully vetted by our mechanics

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